Battle between mobile messaging apps is getting harsh

While I’m sitting down and thinking about time back 15 years ago when I got my first mobile phone; Siemens C35, it was shocking experience for me! Texting with my school mates via SMS or MMS 24/7, exchanging one colored 8 bit images (lol), playing Snake game… We felt like having some kind of new-age advanced device in our hands.

If we ever thought how cell phones will look and progress today our hearts would probably stop beating.

In today’s total rushing and rapid technology growing world, we’re battling with ourselves now for what messaging app to choose to text with our friends or family. Trying to pick one which is “best” would be so hard to decide, since each of those has their own pros and cons.

Here are the top ones we decided to pick as our “besties” which are within most used ones currently in the world.

Messaging apps battle

1. WhatsApp
Without any doubts WhatsApp is a still No.1 choice for mobile messaging tools used. Last year they released their new feature which adds layer of extra decryption to their server where chats logs are stored. Which means it provides privacy safety for your personal and sensitive information. However compared to other competition apps, WhatsApp is still lacking when it comes to some extra privacy features which their competitive companies provides.

2. Kik
According to users metrics on smartphone usage scale, Kik climbed to a second place and its popularity is still growing every day. My theory of reason for this would be that people want something new, and tool which doesn’t require entering phone number or giving it to someone to message them. Kik is best option when you want make conversations to strangers who you met online, so you just exchange your usernames instead of phone numbers, which feels more safe.

However a group of hackers recently managed to hack into Kik database with using their own spying software (See khackspy) Kik security team explains this accident happened because their previous employee who got fired shared his secret Kik’s license with ID inside, which helped hackers to break inside their database without getting detected.

3. Facebook Messenger
Once the top messaging application on mobile phones except SMS now fell on 3rd place. Sorry Facebook, but you require all personal details from users to use your service. People just don’t feel secured online like before. And even Facebook as social network is loosing their popularity nowadays, and Instagram is slowly takes over its leadership.

4. Telegram
Recent newcomer which provides their app support for desktop operating systems as well has much features to offer. Their most popular option is “Secret chat” where creator can erase messages logs from both accounts. This is very useful when sharing important private information to someone and don’t want them to share around.

Others which comes next are Viber and Skype which still didn’t release some innovate features to attack top positions of their competition.