Hack It – Not so Traditional Hacking Software

Hack ItIn case you are searching for a window manipulation program that lets you control any window in your system then Hack-It should do the trick. It may sound you a hacking software but it is quite different from the traditional hacking tools. In fact, it will save your ass while you are at work or at home.
The program lets you control any window in a number of different ways which are not included in the standard ones inside user interface. Among the numerous functions you can perform on Windows include causing it to stay on top of other ones, making it become hidden or visible, after adding an icon to the system tray you then have that same window minimize to the tray, and making use of the manipulating process priorities in order to give process added in CPU time. in addition, standard functions such as minimizing, restring, maximizing, closing or forcibly terminating a process can also be performed.

User Interface
Just like traditional hacking tools, Hack-It does not have a very user friendly or eye catching user interface. It may take some time for you to get use to its user interface. Though the functionality this amazing Windows application offers is immense but it may take some time for you to understand the functionality and working of this program.
Just with a simple click you can hide anything from anyone. However, one downside of this app is that it will not hide the icons from the task bar. So, if in case someone just places mouse on the icon it will just simple show a popup of the window. This is quite disappointing but it is expected that the developers will come up with a solution in future updates.
One thing we loved about this software is that it gives us the freedom to set any program/window on top of others. So, while working or doing some research we usually keep the notepad window on top using this program so we can jot down important points. Amazing!

A very handy and useful software for everyone. It may crash once in a while but it will be there to save your ass 99.99 times. So, make it your daily companion and it will make life easy for you